Alliance Healthcare Partners is a management company that owns and operates healthcare oriented businesses. Alliance also provides consulting services to a large variety of businesses and physician practices.

The Alliance Vision

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Driven by our passion for our clients:

Alliance desires to develop businesses that serve both physician and patient needs in the healthcare market. Alliance will grow through partnerships with providers that deliver a high quality of care with first class service. We intend to add value for our partners by streamlining operations, improving profitability, growing market share, and building collaborative relationships in the communities that we serve.


Our management team brings a dynamic approach to improving operations and providing first class service to its clients.


Alliance has expertise in the areas of billing, business development, imaging services, physician relations and practice management.


Alliance desires to develop businesses that serve both physician and patient needs in the healthcare market.

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Our Services

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  • Laboratory Services

    Our team specializes in helping you gain access to quality urine drug screens that are highly accurate and quickly reported. We will use our expertise to help you reduce physicians liability and enhance the medical care delivered to the patient. Alliance creates value by providing solutions tailored to each practice that will allow the physician to achieve the best possible patient outcomes while also reducing patient cost. In-office point of care testing, Immunoassay qualitative tests, as well as confirmation testing using quantitative analysis LC/MS/MS liquid chromatography are all screening solutions that we have available. We provide easy access to the experts and resources that you need.

  • Physician Practice Consulting

    Alliance has years of experience in implementing operational improvements that help businesses run more efficiently. Our team is trained in Six Sigma and Lean Management methodologies and can help your organization eliminate waste, quickly solve problems and focus on value added activities. Through aggressive benchmarking and appropriate use of technology, our experienced staff will positively impact cash flow and overall performance.

  • Business Development

    We specialize in growing your healthcare business by developing and implementing the right development initiatives. Alliance offers customized solutions that are tailor made to fit your marketing and sales strategy. We have a proven track record of helping our partners to generate referrals, build provider networks and increase market share. We pride ourselves in our creative approach to strategic planning, brand management and physician recruitment.

  • IDTF Management Services

    Our Management professionals have years of experience in making IDTFs more profitable. We can help your business take the next step by producing a comprehensive plan to improve profitability. Alliance assists in everything from supply chain management to technology improvements to improve the expense side of the ledger as well as developing sales and marketing strategies to grow revenues.

  • Pharmacogenetic Testing

    Alliance is your partner for improving patient care through pharmacogenetic testing. This cutting edge technology allows you to have a genetic profile on each of your patients that shows what medications they may or may not metabolize properly. This revolutionary approach to prescribing enables providers to personalize treatment and improve outcomes by minimizing side effects and reducing adverse drug events and treatment failures. This testing is convenient for both patients and providers as sample collection is through a simple oral swab that can be administered in-office. Contact Alliance today to find out how you can implement this exciting new science in your practice.